Introduction to KUBOTA

Since its foundation, Asahi-Shuzo has brewed fine sake with single-minded devotion to quality.
Asahi-Shuzo poured its heart and soul into the KUBOTA brand, which is why it bears the original name of the company.

A Sake Brewery in the Heart of Niigata,One of Japan’s Premium Rice-Growing Regions

Ask the people of Japan where the finest rice is grown, and chances are they’ll say Niigata Prefecture. With an abundance of natural beauty and heavy snowfall, this region on the Sea of Japan’s coastline offers ideal conditions for rice cultivation and a plentiful supply of clean water. It is no wonder that Niigata has nurtured superior sake brewing for so many generations. This is the environment where KUBOTA is patiently and painstakingly brewed.
We brew KUBOTA using Niigata Prefecture’s choicest brand of brewing rice, Gohyakumangoku, along with other carefully selected Niigata rice brands. It’s all part of our pursuit for the perfect cup of sake; flavorful with a crisp, clean finish.

Labels Made with Choice Washi Paper

The KUBOTA label is printed on carefully selected washi paper, a traditional craft product in Japan since ancient times. Made from the wood of a hybrid mulberry bush called kozo, washi is prepared with great patience in order to bring out the natural characteristics of the mulberry wood. The warm, refined, natural feel of the fine washi label that results is the perfect companion for KUBOTA.

Accentuating Good Times

The subtle flavor of KUBOTA has a surprising affinity with a wide range of cuisine. Enjoy it chilled or heated, as best suits the region of the cuisine or the season. The mellow, graceful fragrance and gentle taste of KUBOTA makes the combination of sake and good food all the more enjoyable, setting the stage for truly satisfying dining.